I purchased your Microfiber Mitt Applicator, #V21035 for $14.66 along with your wonderful Rejuvenate Cabinet and Floor Polish from QVC. I used it last weekend and absolutely love it! I will not use anything else on my wood cabinets. I\'ve even shared your product with my sister and Mom. However, upon wiping my kitchen cabinets down, I did notice that the entire lining of my mitt came apart on my first application and I got the solution on my hand. Maybe the inside of the mitt was not properly sealed? Would there be a chance your company could replace my mitt? Thank you for reading my email and keep bringing your great polish products!!!

Warm Regards,

Lori Dalesky
Federal Way, WA

“…Rejuvenate™ made my ceramic tile look like imported marble and it sealed my grout so I never have to get down on my hands and knees to clean my grout again!...I never imagined my floors can look so great”

Joe Maglione
Tampa, FL

What a great product you have in REJUVENATE FLOOR FINISH RE-NEWER & POLISH. I ordered it to use on my kitchen wooden floors. Instead, I used it on my 15 year laminated countertops and they look like new! Today I ordered two more bottles, one for me and one for a friend. Now I will finally do my floors! Again, great products that are easy to apply. Thanks a million!

Mary Harper
Camdenton , MO

I purchased a home two years ago that had been occupied by various renters for eight years. The living room and dining room floors were a laminated wood product. The floors had not been taken care of and the finish was dull and scratched. I had tried many products on the floor over the last two years, but nothing helped. Then, about a month ago, I was flipping through channels on TV and stopped at QVC for a moment. Your REJUVENATE FLOOR FINISH RE-NEWER & POLISH was being promoted, so I watched for a while. The promoter mentioned laminated wood floors and my interest was peaked. The product was not expensive, and I figured I had a lot to gain if your Rejuvenate did what it promised. I ordered a bottle and when it came I tried it. Boy was I surprised! My floor looks better than new and it isn't slippery. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your Rejuvenate. It really works! Thank you.

Janet Oliver
San Bernardino , CA

I recently purchased a home with beautiful Pergo flooring. After I moved in I began to notice scratches in the flooring in almost every room. I began to investigate costs for replacing, and was not happy with the estimates. Then I saw your demo on QVC for REJUVENATE FLOOR FINISH RE-NEWER & POLISH and placed my order. After following the easy instructions, my Pergo floors had the shine and perfection of brand new. Thank you for a wonderful product.

The beige tile and white grouting in my home looked dirty and dull. My grandchildren often spilled food and juice on the tile and I just couldn't get it clean. Once a month I spent hours on my hands and knees trying to clean the tile. After ordering REJUVENATE FLOOR FINISH RE-NEWER & POLISH and applying the product in July, I have not had to worry about stains and discoloring. Thanks!

We recently moved into a pre-owned home with mica kitchen cabinets, and as I was unpacking I noticed scratches around the handles. After learning about your product, REJUVENATE CABINET AND FURNITURE RE-NEWER & POLISH on QVC, I ordered a bottle and all the scratches disappeared. You saved me $5,000 in remodeling expenses. I will continue to use Rejuvenate and recommend to my friends.

I remodeled my home and applied Pergo floors to almost the entire living area. After the floors were finished, I realized quickly that my two dogs could no longer walk on the floor. I could not enjoy the beauty of my floors because I then had to cover them with area rugs. THEN, I discovered REJUVENATE FLOOR RE-NEWER & POLISH. I no longer need to cover the floors with carpet because the Rejuvenate has made my floors not only less slip resistant but easier to keep clean. Now the dogs are able to not only walk, but run on the Pergo. I now understand the meaning behind your company name! THANK YOU FOR LIFE PRODUCTS.

I bought your REJUVENATE FLOOR RE-NEWER & POLISH. This is the BEST product I have EVER used on my floors. I have always been known as ‘the woman whose floors you could eat off' because I took pride in being able to make my floors shine. It would take me hours and bottles of floor cleaner an polish to be able to do this, and even then, there sometimes would not be a mirror shine. This product astounded me…keep up the good products and I will bear testimony…that they work.

Joanne Freeman

Randallstown , MD

I have just used REJUVENATE FLOOR RE-NEWER & POLISH on my dining room hardwood floor and I am very happy with the results.

Linda DiStefano

New York , NY


This is the best product I have ever used..I tell everyone. I live in a development and I want U to know that neighbors actually knock on my door to see my wood floors. I even had a repair man come to my house today and he said my floors looked great. He even asked what company came to do them. When I showed him your product..He was amazed that it was from a bottle. Thank U Thank U Thank U..

Maureen Gallagher

Staten Island, NY